Image Credit:   Macworld, April 1994

Apple Inc.
Image Credit:  Apple Inc.

Introduced: October 25, 1993
Terminated: February 1, 1995

Logic Board
Processor:   68030
Processor Speed:   32 MHz
PMMU:   Integrated
FPU:   none
Bus Speed:   16 MHz
Data Path:   32-bit
ROM Size:   1 MB
Level 1 Cache:   0.5K
Level 2 Cache:   none
Expansion Slots:   none
Battery:   3.6V Lithium

RAM Type:   72-pin SIMM
RAM Slots:   1
Min - Max RAM:   4 MB - 8 MB
Minimum RAM Speed:   80 ns
Install in groups of:   1
RAM Sizes:   1, 4 MB
Onboard RAM:   4 MB

Image Credit:  Macworld, January 1994

ADB:   2
USB:   none
FireWire:   none
Video:   none
Floppy:   none
SCSI:   DB-25
Geoports:   none
Ethernet:   none
Mic Type:   none
Other ports:   Printer, modem, speaker, headphone, remote control

Standard VRAM:   512K (Built-in)
Maximum VRAM:   512K (Built-in)

Display Resolution:
  • 640 x 480, 8-bit

Standard CD-ROM:   2x
Internal Hard Drive:   SCSI (160 MB)
Floppy Disk Drive:   1.44 MB manual

Image Credit:  Apple Inc.

Operating System
Addressing Modes: 24-bit or 32-bit
Original OS: 7.1
Original Enabler: System Enabler 404
AppleTalk Version: 57.0.4

Compatible MacOS:
7.1.1 (Pro)

For additional information on operating systems:
See this article

Codename:   LD50, Peter Pan
Form Factor:   LC 520
Dimensions (Inches):   17.9 H x 13.5 W x 16.5 D
Average Weight (lbs):   40.5
Gestalt ID:   88
Original Price:   $2079 US

Image Credit:   Macworld, January 1994

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Fall 1993

The Macintosh TV was introduced on October 25, 1993. It was aimed at first-time Mac buyers, home users, and college students who wanted the "best of all worlds," a computer, TV, and CD player rolled into one sleek, black box. The Macintosh TV was received with excitement in the Mac press until after careful analysis, its glaring deficiencies became known. The Macintosh TV was considered an entry level Mac and sold for an affordable $2,079. Apple marketed the Mac TV primarily through consumer electronics channels and sold it directly to college students at universities.

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