Image Credit:  Apple Inc.

Introduced: October 21, 1993
Terminated: May 1, 1994

Logic Board
Processor:   68030
Processor Speed:   33 MHz
PMMU:   Integrated
FPU:   opt. 68882
Bus Speed:   33 MHz
Data Path:   32-bit
ROM Size:   1 MB
Level 1 Cache:   0.5K
Level 2 Cache:   none
Expansion Slots:   1 LC PDS
Battery:   3.6V Lithium

RAM Type:   72-pin SIMM
RAM Slots:   1
Min - Max RAM:   4 MB - 36 MB
Minimum RAM Speed:   80 ns
Install in groups of:   1
RAM Sizes:   1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 MB
Onboard RAM:   4 MB

ADB:   2
USB:   none
FireWire:   none
Video:   none
Floppy:   none
SCSI:   DB-25
Geoports:   none
Ethernet:   none
Mic Type:   Omni
Other ports:   Printer, modem, speaker

Standard VRAM:   256K (Built-in)
Maximum VRAM:   512K (1 x 256K)

Display Resolution:
  • 512 x 384, 8-bit (256K Built-in), 16-bit (1 x 256K)
  • Built-in 10" Sony Trinitron RGB display.

Standard CD-ROM:   none
Internal Hard Drive:   SCSI (80 - 160 MB)
Floppy Disk Drive:   1.44 MB auto

Operating System
Addressing Modes:   24-bit or 32-bit
Original OS:   J-7.1
Original Enabler:   System Enabler 403
AppleTalk Version:   57.0.4

Compatible MacOS:

For additional information on operating systems:
See this article

Form Factor:   Color Classic
Dimensions (Inches):   14.5 H x 9.9 W x 12.6 D
Average Weight (lbs):   22.5
Gestalt ID:   83
Original Price:   $1500 US

Image Credit:  Apple Inc.

The Color Classic II was never sold in the United States, which is unfortunate because it was everything that the original should have been. It used the same mother board as the the LC III and ran quite fast at 33 MHz.

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