Image Credit:  Macworld, April 1997

Vectronic's PowerBook 3400c

Introduced: February 17, 1997
Terminated: December 13, 1997

Logic Board
Processor:   603e
Processor Speed:   180 MHz
PMMU:   Integrated
FPU:   Integrated
Bus Speed:   40 MHz
Data Path:   64-bit
ROM Size:   4 MB
Level 1 Cache:   32K
Level 2 Cache:   256K
Expansion Slots:   2 Type II PC Card (1 Type III)
Expansion Bays:   1
Battery:   32 Wh Lithium Ion

PowerBook 3400c battery

RAM Type:   PB 3400
RAM Slots:   1
Min - Max RAM:   16 MB - 144 MB
Minimum RAM Speed:   60 ns
Install in groups of:   1
RAM Sizes:   4 - 128 MB
Onboard RAM:   16 MB

  • This system supports EDO RAM devices on its memory modules.

PowerBook 3400c ports

ADB:   1
USB:   none
FireWire:   none
Video:   HDI-15
Floppy:   none
SCSI:   HDI-30
Geoports:   1
Ethernet:   Optional "Argon" network card with RJ-45/11 port
AirPort Ready:   No
Mic Type:   PlainTalk

Other ports:
  • Serial port for printer or modem, sound-in, sound-out, infrared port (supports AppleTalk and 1.2 mbps IrDA)

Image Credit:   Apple Inc.

Image Credit:   Apple Inc.

  • 12.1" Color active-matrix (16-bit, thousands of colors) SVGA LCD
Resolution (built-in LCD):
  • 800 x 600, 16-bit

Internal Hard Drive:   ATA (1.3 GB)

Disk Drives (1 expansion bay):
  • 1.4 MB floppy disk drive module
  • Optional 6x CD-ROM disk drive module

PowerBook 3400c optional CD-ROM module

Operating System
Addressing Modes:   32-bit
Original OS:   7.6
Original Enabler:   PowerBook 3400 Enabler
AppleTalk Version:   60.1.1

Compatible MacOS:

For additional information on operating systems:
See this article

PowerBook 3400c left side (display has an embedded subwoofer)

PowerBook 3400c right side

Codename:   Hooper
Form Factor:   PowerBook 3400
Dimensions (Inches):   2.4 H x 11.5 W x 9.5 D
Average Weight (lbs):   7.2
Gestalt ID:   306

Original Price:
  • $4500 US: 1.3 GB hard drive, floppy disk drive module, 16 MB RAM
  • $5000 US: 1.3 GB hard drive, 6x CD-ROM drive module, Argon network card, 16 MB RAM

Image Credit:  Macworld, April 1997

Apple introduced the PowerBook 3400 series, code-named Hooper, on February 17, 1997. The PowerBook 3400c uses a 180 MHz, 200 MHz, or 240 MHz PowerPC 603e processor with 256K cache. Apple offered buyers a choice of four configurations that ranged in price from $4500 to $6500 depending on options. The 3400c was very popular among Mac users and helped Apple recover a lot of the bad feelings generated by its clear predecessor, the PowerBook 5300, which had problems with cracked cases, overheating leading to battery recalls, and the general impression of users that felt the PowerBook's performance was lackluster. The 3400c was replaced by the first generation G3 PowerBooks (Kanga G3), which used the same chassis.

Vectronic's 3400c/180

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