Image Credit:  Apple, Inc.

(Click) 1991 Apple Computer "Freedom" Magazine Ad

Introduced: October 21, 1991
Terminated: August 3, 1992

Logic Board
Processor:   68000
Processor Speed:   16 MHz
PMMU:   none
FPU:   none
Bus Speed:   16 MHz
Data Path:   16-bit
ROM Size:   256K
Level 1 Cache:   none
Level 2 Cache:   none
Expansion Slots:   modem
Battery:   PB100, lead acid

RAM Type:   PB1xx
RAM Slots:   1
Min - Max RAM:   2 MB - 8 MB
Minimum RAM Speed:   100 ns
Install in groups of:   1
RAM Sizes:   2, 4, 6 MB
Onboard RAM:   2 MB

(Click) MacUser, December 1991, PowerBook 100 Ports

ADB:   1
USB:   none
FireWire:   none
Video:   none
Floppy:   HDI-20
SCSI:   HDI-30
Geoports:   none
Ethernet:   none
AirPort Ready:   No
Mic Type:   none
Other ports:   Printer, speaker

  • 9.0" Monochrome passive-matrix (1-bit) supertwist LCD
Display Resolution:
  • 640 x 400, 1-bit

Standard CD-ROM:   none
Internal Hard Drive:   SCSI (20 - 40 MB)
Floppy Disk Drive:   none

Operating System
Addressing Modes:   24-bit
Original OS:   7.0.1
Original Enabler:   none
AppleTalk Version:   52

Compatible MacOS:
7.1.1 (Pro)

(Click) MacUser, December 1991, Apple PowerBook Accessories

Codename:   Asahi, Derringer, Rosebud
Form Factor:   PowerBook 100
Dimensions (Inches):   1.8 H x 11 W x 8.5 D
Average Weight (lbs):   5.1
Gestalt ID:   24
Original Price:   $2500 US

(Click) MacUser, December 1991, Family Photo: PowerBook 100, 140, and 170

(Click) Apple Dealer Spec Sheets

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