Image Credit:   Apple Inc.

Introduced: March 1985
Terminated: January 1987

Logic Board
Processor:   65C02
Processor Speed:   1 MHz
PMMU:   none
FPU:   none
Bus Speed:   1 MHz
Data Path:   8-bit
ROM Size:   32K
Level 1 Cache:   none
Level 2 Cache:   none
Battery:   none
Expansion Slots:   8 Apple II Proprietary Slots

Recommended Slots:
  • Slot 1: Printer
  • Slot 2: Modem
  • Slot 3: Empty (if card is in Aux. Conn.)
  • Slot 4: Mouse
  • Slot 5: Drive 2 or hard drive
  • Slot 6: Drive 1
  • Slot 7: Co-processor
  • Aux. Conn.: Extended 80-Column Text Card

(Click) Recommended Slots
(Apple IIe Owner's Manual, Copyright 1984, Apple Inc.)

Min - Max RAM:   64K - 128K (1 MB - 4 MB with third party cards)
Onboard RAM:   64K

  • 128K of RAM achieved with Extended 80 Column Card

Extended 80 Column Card
(Image Credit:  Apple Inc.)

I/O Ports:
  • Video out (composite), 8 expansion slots, Audio Cassette Input/Output, Paddles (onboard), Joystick/Hand Control Connector

Apple IIe Enhanced Ports

Text display modes:
  1. 40-column text, 24 lines, 5 x 7 dot matrix (suitable for television or monitor)
  2. 80-column text, 24 lines, 5 x 7 dot matrix (Extended 80-Column Text Card required)(suitable for monitor only)

Graphics display modes:
  • Low-resolution 16-color graphics:
    1. 40h x 48v color blocks
    2. 40h x 40v with four lines of text
  • High-resolution 6-color graphics:
    1. 280h x 192v dots
    2. 280h x 160v with four lines of text
  • Double high-resolution 16-color graphics:
    1. 560h x 192v dots (Extended 80-Column Text Card required)

  • All graphics modes may be displayed on a television or monitor
  • Composite monitor or RF Modulator to TV supported

  • Audio Cassette Tape, 5.25-inch floppy drives (w/card), 800K floppy drive (w/card), 1.4 MB floppy drive (w/card), SCSI hard drive (w/card)
  • Various third party hard drives

Operating System
Compatible OS:   DOS 3.3, ProDOS, CP/M (with Z-80 card), Pascal, MS-DOS (with card)
Languages in ROM:   Applesoft BASIC
Addressing Modes:   8-bit

Keyboard:   63 keys, upper and lowercase
Form Factor:   Apple II
Dimensions (Inches):   4.25 H x 15.25 W x 17.75 D
Average Weight (lbs):   11.5
Original Price:   $1400 US

The Apple IIe Enhanced was nearly identical to the original IIe, the only difference being four socketed chips had been changed on the motherboard: 65C02, CD and EF ROMs, and the Video ROM. The IIe Enhanced has an "Enhanced" or "65C02" sticker placed over the keyboard power indicator to denote itself. The primary purpose of the update was to make the IIe more compatible with the Apple IIc released a year earlier. The IIe Enhanced uses the CMOS based 65C02 CPU, a new character ROM for the text modes, and two new ROM firmware chips. The new ROM added "MouseText" characters first introduced on the Apple IIc and it also fixed various problems and speed issues. Apple sold an official upgrade kit to owners of the original IIe that consisted of four replacement chips and the "Enhanced" sticker.

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