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Classic Macintosh General Information and Hobby Sites

512 Pixels
Interesting Apple-related hobby site.

A ProFile Emulator
IDEfile is a ProFile compatible hard drive for Apple /// and Lisa systems. Emulation of the classic 5MB ProFile and the rare ProFile 10M is provided.

About My Mac Plus
Iíve had my Mac Plus for quite some time now and I still use it. It is the longest lasting appliance Iíve ever owned, and it not only still works, itís quite useful and productive. The Mac Plus Site, in short, began in the Fall of 1995 at the University of Wisconsin Parkside. After belly aching and whining for several months I was able to obtain my own homepage account.

All About Steve
Great site dedicated to Steve Jobs.

Apple Lisa Tribute
Small Lisa tribute site.

Apple Macintosh before System 7
Site dedicated to pre-System 7 Macs.

Apple Macintosh Repair Resources
An informational resource for DIY technicians who want to repair Apple Macintosh computers and other Apple products.
One of the oldest and respected Apple sites on the Internet. apple- contains the history of every Apple computer sold. This site is an incredible Apple resource.

Apple site with the obsure, the unusual, the exceptional...
Celebrating classic Apple technology. is a web site that I elected to spin off from to address topics beyond the scope of my Color Classic web server. You will see more content here very soon!

ClubOwner Portal
Website dedicated to the Apple Cube, rest-in-peace.

Color Classic Web Server News
Site hosted on a Macintosh Color Classic.

Daves Old Computers
Great collector site with lots of old Apple computers.

E-Maculation is dedicated to emulation of the classic Macintosh computer in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
Mac specs, prices, answers, and more.

Folklore is a web site devoted to collective historical storytelling. It captures and presents sets of related stories that describe interesting events from multiple perspectives, allowing groups of people to recount their shared history in the form of interlinked anecdotes. Currently, the Folklore site only supports a single project, about the development of the original Macintosh, but that will be changing soon.

Full of Macintosh SE/30
Site dedicated to the Macintosh SE/30.

History of Computer Design
Website created for a college class that covers Apple and the history of personal computer design.

Home Page of Gamba
A lot of interesting classic software Mac links.

Online Mac user community.

Jag’s House
Where older macs still rock!

Kevin Omura’s Home Page
I like to collect old computers, mainly Macintosh. Here are several pages I have put together with information on some of the computers in my collection. Also information on memory upgrades that can be done above what Apple suggested at the time of manufacture and some of the unusual or interesting upgrade cards which Apple sold.

Lisa Emulator Project
Ray Arachelian, creator of the Lisa Emulator Project, has created a free working Lisa emulator for OS X.

Low End Mac
LEM is a legandary Macintosh site created by Dan Knight.

Mac 128 Update
Fresh approaches to the original Macintosh.

Mac History
The history of Apple with facts and stories written and collected by Christoph Dernbach.

Mac PowerPC
Because PowerPC is still running on my Mac.
Shareware and freeware downloads for Mac OS 7 and 8.

Macintosh Garden
An abandonware games archive, dedicated in particular to supporting the Macintosh computer platform.

MacMania Museum
Welcome to The MacMania Museum, an online guide to the earlier offerings from the wonderful world of Apple (although it does wander off into PowerPC and iMac territory a little). Intended as more than just a history resource, here youíll find (amongst other things) practical tips on repairing and using older Apple equipment, tales of projects and repair jobs, and links to other sites and resources.
What vintage is your Mac?

Mainly Neat Stuff
Site with interesting obscure Apple hardware and software plus manuals and marketing materials.

Making the Macintosh
"Making the Macintosh" is an online project documenting the history of the Macintosh computer. This project collects and publishes primary material on the Macintosh’s development and early reception. It draws on the extensive holdings of the Stanford University Libraryís Department of Special Collections, the personal papers of engineers and technical writers involved in the Macintosh project, and interviews conducted for the project.

Mini vMac
The Mini vMac emulator collection allows modern computers to run software made for early Macintosh computers, the computers that Apple sold from 1984 to 1996 based upon Motorola’s 680x0 microprocessors.

MMC (MyMacCollection)
PowerPC enthusiast hobby site.

My Apple Collection
My name is Starfighter and this is my blog about my collection of Apple products. Mainly macs but I’m not picky!

My Favorite Apple
Collecting all things Apple.

My Mac Plus
Site dedicated to the Macintosh Plus.
Here you will find those rare and vintage Computer items you have been looking for. I have collected Apple computers and parts over many years, and now it is time to clean out the shed. I am parting with some rare items of my collection.

Nathan’s Toasty Technology page
Interesting technology site by a programmer who is sick of Internet Explorer. Has a lot of Classic Macintosh and Apple II related material.

Newton Poetry
A blog about Apple’s Newton MessagePad, the first ever PDA, and its lasting impact on the technology world. They also cover Apple news, classic Macs, and "Newton Poetry" -- garbled text that Newtons spit out using its pioneering handwriting-recognition software.

NeXT World
A group of NeXT fanatics who have gotten together to host a NeXT related site.

Old Mac Archive
Abandonware for pre-OS X Macintosh computers.

OldApps for Mac
Provides older versions of useful Macintosh Applications.
Site devoted specifically to Mac OS 9.

Paul C. Pratt - Macintosh Plus Software
Contain links to software that will run on a Macintosh Plus, and therefore will work within Mini vMac.

Remember eWorld
Back in 1994 Apple introduced a unique online service called eWorld. With its homelike, cozy look and feel it fascinated its users even though it was rather expensive compared to other online services. eWorld competed directly against AOL, CompuServe, and MSN, and finally lost this competition. On March 31, 1996, at 12:01 am the service shut down. Apple’s management decided that the product was doomed to fail in a market where AOL had such a commanding lead.

Repair Macintosh SE/30
This web site will show symptoms, diagnoses, solutions and preventions for various hardware troubles of Macintosh SE/30.

Where great old Macs live again!

SheppyWare is a name that encompasses all the software written by Eric Shepherd. Most of the software you’ll find here is freeware or shareware for the Apple II computer, but some of it is for Macintosh, Mac OS X, or BeOS.

Shrine of Apple
Our mission is to showcase the entire spectrum of products that Apple have sold to the public since 1976 - every product Apple Inc has ever produced, in the highest quality and definition possible.

Software Museum
Screen captures and release dates for old Mac applications.

Susan Kare User Graphics Portfolio
My career in user interface graphic design began when I worked for Apple Computer between 1983 and 1986. My job: icon and font designer for a new computer, the Macintosh. The task: to transform small grids of black and white pixels into a family of symbols that would assist people in operating the computer.

System 6 Heaven
System 6 will make any vintage Macintosh computer as fast as a modern Mac. Itís more stable than system 7.x and provides almost instant booting. It was way ahead of its time and can do far more than most people know. It needs very little memory and takes up a small amount of hard disk space. Itís more elegant and user-friendly than any other operating system ever made. It is more inspiring for creative people than any other operating system ever made.

System 7 Today
The fastest operating system for pre-G3 Macs.

System Folder
I am a Mac enthusiast and collector. However, I don’t collect vintage Macs just for the sake of it. I love to put vintage Macs to good use. If I acquire a vintage Mac, it’s for using and maintaining it.

The Apple Museum
Located in Boston Massachusetts, the Apple Museum is a private collection of Apple computers owned by an individual who enjoys finding, repairing and preserving these pieces of history. The owner found his passion for collecting Apples when in February of 2005 he received a Mac SE as a gift from a friend, and was inspired to fix it up and then find accessories for it. Since then, his collection has expanded to include over 50 Apple computers dating back as early as 1978.

The Apple Museum
The Apple Museum is a site dedicated to cataloging the history of Apple computer’s people and products.

The Mac 512
The Macintosh collector’s web site.

The Mac Driver Museum
A Collection of orphaned drivers for all Macs.

The Mac IIci Website
Welcome to the web page devoted to the Macintosh IIci, one the most successful and important Apple Macintosh computers ever made. Iíve provided the configuration and benchmarks of my Mac IIci; a photo-map of the motherboard; upgrade options and links to their manufacturers (including an exhaustive list of accelerators); links to vendors that sell used parts and upgrades and background information.

The Mac Orchard
Macintosh classic application software for Macs running Mac OS 8.x or earlier.

The Macintosh Colo(u)r Classic FAQ
Website with lots of great information about the Macintosh Color Classic.

The Mothership!
Devoted to the preservation of Apple Computer history.

The Picke’s Low-End Mac FAQ
Good reference site for older Macs.

The U-M Software Archives
Large archive holding hundreds of classic Mac apps and games.

The Vintage Mac Museum
Very nice Japanese site with awesome graphics dedicated to classic Macs.

Thought Different
This site is an interactive archive of Apple’s homepage since 1997. It also rounds up the rumors of what’s coming next.

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh
Ahead of its time, misunderstood, a work of art.

Vintage Mac Museum
A working collection of the pre-Intel Apple Macintosh: 68k and PowerPC Macintosh, old Mac software, period advertising and memorabilia.
Steve Wozniakís home page.