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06.26   Mac360   How Long Can Apple?s Competitors Survive?, Kate MacKenzie: Wall Street seems to favor companies that bleed money vs. those companies which create products that customers want to buy.

06.25   AppleInsider   German court to reportedly rule Samsung exploited ?image? of Apple?s iPhone and iPod, Mikey Campbell: A German court is preparing to issue a tentative ruling on an Apple assertion that Samsung is guilty of unfair competition practices in deliberately copying the look of the iPhone and iPod, and one report claims the court will side with Apple.

06.25   AppleInsider   Supply of Apple?s Thunderbolt Display reportedly drying up for second time in 2013, Staff: Third-party retailers are reporting stock-outs, or near stock-outs, of Apple?s 27-inch Thunderbolt Display, once again fueling rumors that the company is preparing to release an upgraded Retina display model.

06.25   AppleInsider   Samsung in talks to settle EU antitrust case involving Apple and essential patents, Sam Oliver: Facing an antitrust lawsuit from the European Union for allegedly abusing its ownership of standard-essential patents, Samsung has reportedly begun talks with regulators to settle the charges before a trial can begin.

06.25   iMore   OS X Mavericks pre-reviews, Rene Ritchie: Some media outlets were given Macs pre-loaded with OS X Mavericks for review, and some of them have started sharing some thoughts.

06.25   Macworld   The best and worst Macs for upgrades and repairs, Kyle Wiens: Slideshow showing the best and worst Macs for upgrades and repairs

06.24   Ars Technica   OS X is holding back the 2013 MacBook Air?s 802.11ac Wi-Fi speeds, Andrew Cunningham: Networking issues slow down file transfers relative to Windows on the same hardware.

06.24   Mac360   Revisiting Apple?s Top Hardware Design Mistakes, Kate MacKenzie: Some of the products were obvious disasters (weak sales, bad design), others were sales successes and sold tens of millions. It?s more of a mistake if sales are disastrous.

06.24   Mac|Life   Priced to Move: iPhone 5 Drops to $129 at Walmart, iPhone 4S Only $39, J.R. Bookwalter: Seems like everywhere you look, Apple?s iPhone is on sale at bargain prices -- a big departure from a couple years ago, when there were simply no savings to be found. But if you want the absolute best deal, head to Walmart.

06.22   Macworld   Another working Apple-1 pops up, could sell for $500K, Gregg Keizer: Christie?s said it hopes to sell a working Apple-1 computer for as much as half a million dollars in a special online-only auction that starts next week.

06.21   Macworld   Slideshow: Apple hardware design mistakes, Benj Edwards: There is no doubt that Apple designs some of the best computing hardware on Earth, and it has done so for most of its 37-year lifespan. But even companies known for top-notch engineering slip up now and again, and Apple is no exception.

06.20   AppleInsider   Apple and DOJ present closing arguments in e-books antitrust trial, Mikey Campbell: The U.S. Department of Justice?s case against Apple over alleged e-book price fixing came to an end on Thursday, with both sides presenting standard closing summations to Judge Denise Cote, each reiterating arguments asserted over the past two weeks.

06.20   AppleInsider   Cable providers still leery of Apple TV, some refuse to authenticate "HBO Go" app, Staff: In an interview on Thursday, HBO?s CTO Otto Berkes outlined the troubles in bringing a totally in-house app to the Apple TV, but the bigger challenge may be getting content to customers as a number of cable providers are blocking subscribers from using the app.

06.20   AppleInsider   Samsung shows off range of new Android phones, hedges bets with Windows 8 devices, Kevin Bostic: Samsung on Thursday showed of a range of new devices for both Microsoft?s Windows 8 and Google?s Android platforms, though the South Korean giant?s choices appear to show that it is very much hedging its bets when it comes to Microsoft?s newest operating system.

06.20   AppleInsider   Inside iOS 7: Safari gains portrait fullscreen, unified search bar, visual tabs, Neil Hughes: Underneath its fresh coat of paint, Safari in iOS 7 includes a number of new features that make it a richer mobile browsing experience, including a mandated fullscreen mode in both portrait and landscape views, and a new unified smart search box.

06.20   Ars Technica   New MacBook Airs may suffer from Wi-Fi connectivity issues, Casey Johnston: Connections are tenuous on some MacBook Airs.

06.20   Ars Technica   What the NSA doesn?t have: iMessages and FaceTime chats, Joe Mullin: Apple joins other tech giants in disclosing government information requests.

06.20   Mac360   Revealed: Apple?s New Secret Cash Cow, Kate MacKenzie: It?s not a secret that Apple makes a lot of money by selling products that customers are willing to stand in line to buy.

06.20   The Unofficial Apple Weblog   Early Mac Pro benchmarks show major speed increase, Mike Schramm: The new Mac Pro isn?t supposed to launch until later on this year, but Geekbench has nabbed a new set of benchmarking tests which appear to be from the new machine itself.

06.20   The Unofficial Apple Weblog   IDC: iPhone marketshare in China now at 9 Percent, Yoni Heisler: The iPhone now is the fifth most popular smartphone in China with Samsung taking the top spot with a 19 percent share.

06.19   Mac360   Selling Out: How Apple Loses To Samsung, Kate MacKenzie: Technology companies battle one another in the market place in a highly visible war of competing technologies and services.

06.19   Mac360   3 Ways The MacBook Air Clobbers PC Notebooks, Ron McElfresh: Traditional Windows PC notebooks are being clobbered in the market place today, and sales are dropping. Why? What?s going on?

06.14   Ars Technica   Hell freezes over: Microsoft Office Mobile arrives for iOS, Sean Gallagher: Free (for Office subscribers), the iOS app apes Windows Phone 8?s capabilities.

06.13   Ars Technica   Original Mac GUI artist thinks new "flat" iOS 7 icons are A-OK, Lee Hutchinson: Susan Kare, iconic icon designer, gives thumbs-up.

06.10   Apple Press Info   Apple Releases Developer Preview of OS X Mavericks With More Than 200 New Features, Staff: Apple today released a developer preview of OS X® Mavericks, the 10th major release of the world?s most advanced operating system.

06.10   Apple Press Info   Apple Gives Sneak Peek Into the Future of the Pro Desktop, Staff: Apple today showed a sneak peek into the future of the pro desktop with a first look at the next generation Mac Pro. Designed around a revolutionary unified thermal core, the Mac Pro introduces a completely new pro desktop architecture and design that is optimized for performance inside and out.

06.10   Apple Press Info   Apple Brings All Day Battery Life to MacBook Air, Staff: Apple today updated MacBook Air with all day battery life, fourth generation Intel Core processors with faster graphics, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and flash storage that is up to 45 percent faster than the previous generation.