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Obtronix Apple I Reproduction
The Obtronix Apple I reproduction is a kit produced by Steve Gabaly, who occasionally auctions them off on eBay. It is almost an exact replica of Steve Wozniak?s original 1976 version.
Posted by Vectronic on 1/20/2009 in Apple II History

The Apple I
The Apple I kit included only the motherboard. You had to supply your own power supply, keyboard, monitor (or TV), and case. It was a true hobbyist computer, but at the time, it represented the most innovative and powerful home computer of its kind.
Posted by Vectronic on 1/10/2009 in Apple II History

How the Apple II Began and How it Grew
Article discussing the creation of the Apple I and its influence on the Apple II family of computers.
Posted by Vectronic on 6/2/2007 in Apple II History

Vectronic?s Apple II Timeline
Apple and the Apple II became a legend in their own time, landmarks in the age of computing they helped create. The Apple lore includes many firsts and fascinating facts. This how it happened.
Posted by Vectronic on 5/7/2007 in Apple II History

The Ill-Fated Apple III
The Apple III was Apple?s first attempt to move away from the tried-and-true Apple II architecture. It would prove to be the company?s first bona fide failure. Even though engineers repeatedly warned of problems with the Apple III, it seemed that no one in top management doubted the machine?s eventual success.
Posted by John Ward on 4/2/2007 in Apple II History

The Last II: Apple?s Amazing IIgs
Apple introduced the Apple IIgs in September 1986. It was intended to be a replacement for the venerable Apple II that was the mainstay of Apple?s revenues for most of the early part of the 1980s. The Macintosh was changing the world and would soon replace the Apple II as the company?s cash cow, but many Apple II faithful still longed for an advanced version of their beloved computer.
Posted by John Ward on 3/19/2007 in Apple II History

Apple Brings Computers to the Masses
This article examines a portion of one of Apple?s Apple IIe owner?s manuals. Apple produced several different editions of the Apple IIe owner?s manual over the life of the computer. This one was not the first nor was it the last. This particular Apple IIe manual first shipped with the Apple IIe in 1984, the same year that Apple released the world-changing Macintosh. Reading through the manual is like taking a time machine back to 1984, when home computers where still relatively new and the Apple IIe drove the majority of Apple Computer?s sales revenue.
Posted by John Ward on 3/5/2007 in Apple II History

A Short History of the Apple II
This article is a brief description of the history of the computers of the Apple II family.
Posted by John Ward on 2/28/2003 in Apple II History