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This is the famous Macintosh SE/30, the best of the classic all-in-one Macs. The SE/30 was introduced on January 19, 1989 and stayed in production until October 21, 1991. The "30" in "SE/30" is shorthand for 68030, the SE/30's processor. The SE/30 replaced the Macintosh SE, which had an 8 MHz 68000 processor. The SE/30's 68030 processor is 16 MHz and it runs on a 16 MHz bus. Maximum RAM is 32 MB, but 128 MB is possible using MODE 32. Apple initially offered two configurations: 2 MB RAM with a 40 MB hard drive that sold for $5,069 or 4 MB RAM with an 80 MB internal hard drive that sold for $6,369. My SE/30 is in the later category. It has 4 MB of RAM and an 80 MB internal hard drive. I purchased it from a collector in 2006 for $450. It is in excellent condition.

The SE/30 is compatible with Mac OS 6.0.3 up to Mac OS 7.5.5. My SE/30 has Mac OS 7.0.1, which is perfect for a Mac with only 4 MB of RAM. The SE/30 has two ADB ports, a DB-19 disk drive port, a DB-25 SCSI port, a printer port, a modem port, and a single speaker port. The SE/30 does not have an internal microphone or microphone port.

Floppy disk in drive

SE/30 ports

The tiny 9-inch built in monitor displays black and white pixels. It is not capable displaying of gray scale without extensive modification. Resolution is set at 512 x 384. Screen brightness is controlled using the brightness knob located under the monitor in the front right of the chassis. The SE/30 has an internal 1.4 MB floppy disk drive. It has a single processor direct slot (SE/30 PDS) for expansion. In its day, the SE/30 PDS was often filled with a card to drive an external monitor or to connect to a network (usually via Ethernet). My SE/30 has no expansion card.

"About This Macintosh" showing Mac OS and RAM

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This SE/30 is in excellent condition. There is absolutely no screen burn, a common ailment of these older black and white Macs. There is very little yellowing of its original platinum color. My SE/30 has the plastic attachment that allows easy access to the reset and programmer buttons residing on the motherboard. Most typical users would never use the programmer button, but the reset button is sometimes necessary. The attachment allows the user to reset the computer if it locks up without using having to resort to a straightened paper clip pushed through the vent. It attaches to the side of the chassis, locking into the vent over the recessed buttons.

Programmer and reset buttons

The back of the SE/30 has a handle making it easier to transport

The SE/30 is highly prized by collectors and usually fetches a premium wherever it is sold. It is the most powerful model of the classic black and white all-in-one Macs. The SE/30 is becoming more rare as the years pass. I paid a crazy $450 in 2006 to get an SE/30 in excellent condition. In 2008, SE/30s that are in poor condition will often sell for $30 to $50.

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