AppleDesign M6082

AppleDesign M6082

Apple introduced the AppleDesign Powered Speakers (M6082) in 1993. The speaker set alone originally cost $179 US. We purchased our set in 2012 for $50.

The M6082 speakers came in "platinum" gray to match Apple's desktop line at the time. They produce stereo output using controlled sound dispersion, which provides excellent stereo separation and sound quality. According to Apple print advertisement, the transducer, tuned-port design, and active equalization allow the speakers to be small yet offer excellent frequency response and produce deep bass and shimmering treble. Their built-in noise reduction circuitry provides clear sound, and each speaker is magnetically shielded for use near computer displays and peripheral devices.

Apple Catalog 1993
Image Credit: Apple Inc.

The speakers have a built-in mixer to blend the two types of sounds early 90s Macs with their accompanying CD-ROM drives produced - music tracks from audio CDs, and computer-generated sounds like warning beeps or game effects. The speakers connected directly to a Mac through the speaker output jack on back with a 3.5 mm miniplug. The speaker set connected to an external CD drive through stereo cable with RCA jacks. AV output ports (RCA jacks) were also available built into the high end AV Macs of the time.

AppleDesign M6082
Back of speaker set

Apple advertised the speakers to be designed for "near-field" listening providing stereo sound quality while maintaining a "private listing environment" without disturbing people around you. See the Apple Video Gallery demonstration below to get a feel for the volume these speakers produce. A headphone jack is available on front of the powered speaker. Also on front of the powered speaker is the power button, the volume control knob, and the balance control knob.

In 1993, Apple bundled the M6082 speakers with an AppleCD 300 CD-ROM drive for $629 US called the "AppleCD Multimedia Kit for Macintosh". The AppleCD 300 is a caddy-loading, SCSI CD player. At the time, it was Apple's fastest, most versatile CD drive player for multimedia CD-ROM disks, Kodak Photo CDs, and audio CDs. The bundle shipped with the AppleCD 300 drive, a set of M6082 speakers with all accompanying cables, and a SCSI cable and terminator for the CD drive. The bundle included a starter CD filled with easy-to-use tutorials, media clips, sample QuickTime movies and Photo CD images, and an interactive multimedia database. Apple included System 7.1 and utilities, and QuickTime and HyperCard software to make the multimedia system run smoothly on a Macintosh.

Apple Catalog 1993
AppleCD Multimedia Kit for Macintosh (Image Credit: Apple Inc.)

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AppleDesign M6082

AppleDesign Powered Speakers (M6082) Official Specs:

Audio quality:

  • Tuned-port bass-reflex system for extended low-frequency response
  • Active equalization for best frequency response at all listening levels
  • Focused sonic dispersion to optimize output for personal, near-field listening
  • Noise-reduction circuitry for audio clarity
Computer connectivity and use:
  • Dual-input mixer for computer- and CD-generated sound
  • Magnetic shielding to avoid image distortion on computer displays
  • Small, sleek design to fit on a desk
  • Compatible with virtually any personal computer or any television supporting sound output
  • Built-in dual-channel amplifier
  • Power volume, and balance controls conveniently located on the front panel
  • Headphone jack to provide privacy
M6082 speaker set includes:
  • Powered speaker and satellite speaker
  • Power-supply module (120-V input)
  • Small, sleek design to fit on a desk
  • Computer-to-speaker cable (with 3.5-mm miniplugs)
  • CD stereo cable with RCA jacks
  • Power, volume, and balance controls conveniently located on the front panel
  • Speaker-to-speaker cable

AppleDesign Speakers (M6082) Demonstration

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