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Vectronic's Modded Macintosh Classic II: "The Blue Max"

Blue Arrow Archives Section:  Apple Macintosh Collection Archive

Originally Published:  Mar. 21, 2004

(Click) Creating the Blue Max:

The Classic II in its original Platinum casing.
It is in great condition but has yellowed due to its age.
Step 1: Crack the case.

The Classic II with back case removed.
Step 2: Remove the motherboard.
Step 3: Remove the monitor and analog board as a single unit.

The analog board is held down by two screws.
Secure the monitor and analog board in a safe place.
Step 4: Remove the hard drive / floppy drive mount.

The hard drive and floppy disk drive will come out as a unit.
> Step 5: After removing the drives, remove the chassis from the front plate.
Step 6: Pop out the Apple icon with a needle to be replaced later.

Step 7: Mask all the sensitive parts.
Cover all the holes on the inside.
Mask off all the openings.

Step 8: Put on some primer, let it dry, and sand it smooth.
Step 9: The first coat of metallic blue paint.
Sand it and put on a few more coats.

Step 10: Lastly, a final coat of hardener to seal the finish.
Step 11: The Apple icon needs to go back on.
A little glue and it is ready to go.

Step 12: Time for some cool stickers.
Those cool little stickers we all get with our Macs work great.
They're not just for car windows!

Step 13: I replaced the 40 MB hard drive with a newer 250 MB hard drive.
Step 14: I put it all back together and installed the OS.
Strategic masking left bare the more sensitive parts.

The finished item!
Ready to work.

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