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In 2005, Kelvin Sherlock released PNG Floyd, a CDA that captures Apple IIgs screenshots and saves them in the standard Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. PNG is an open, extensible image format viewable by just about every modern graphics application.

PNG Floyd saves a super hi-res screenshot. It is a small CDA that gives your IIgs the functionality built into Classic MacOS using command-shift-3. MacOS saves the screenshot as a PICT file - a Macintosh specific format that must be converted into a JPEG or GIF to truly be cross platform compatible. PNG Floyd saves you that step. The PNG files you see on this web page were generated in a real IIgs with PNG Floyd installed. I moved them to my LC III via an 800K floppy. I copied the files to the LC III hard drive and then moved them to a 1.4 MB floppy. My external USB floppy on my G3 iMac does not support 800K floppies. I then used a 256 MB USB pen drive to move the files to my production machine (and home of Vectronic's Apple World), an Intel iMac.

IIgs screenshot

PNG Floyd is available below. It is compressed using ShrinkIt. Download the file, move it to an 800K floppy, and use IIgs ShrinkIt to copy it to a blank floppy. As illustrated from the screenshot above, move the file "pf.cda" from the blank floppy into the following directory location in GS/OS:


PNG Floyd is a CDA or Classic Desktop Accessory. As you might suspect, GS/OS must be running in the background for you to use this CDA. Many games require you to boot from the floppy. In cases where you want a screenshot of a game that is self-booting, you will have to use an emulator on your modern computer (a Macintosh for those with good taste) that has a screenshot function.

How to use PNG Floyd

You must boot GS/OS 6.0.1 with PNG Floyd in the Desk.Accs folder. To access the IIgs Desktop Assessory menu, press:

command (open apple)-control-esc

Use the down arrow and scroll to PNG Floyd. Press return. The cursor will be next to "Save to file:". Type in the directory. It is advisable to use a blank target disk. For a blank disk named "TARGET" the directory would be:


where "SCREENSHOT" is the name of the resulting PNG file. If your disk does not have enough space to complete the file, PNG Floyd will stop when there is no longer any room, which may give you half a screenshot or something less than a full screenshot. Press return. It usually takes about a minute to generate the PNG file.

IIgs screenshot

Thanks go to Kelvin Sherlock for doing a great job on this CDA.



Use IIgs ShrinkIt (ShrinkIt 1.1) to unshrink the file into a blank disk. Move "pf.cda" into the Desk.Accs folder in the System folder in GS/OS 6.0.1.

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