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About Vectronic's Apple World

Vectronic's Apple World (VAW) is a site for Apple enthusiasts celebrating the history, past, present, and future, of Apple Inc. We are Apple zealots who would rather use a 10-year-old Apple computer than a brand new computer of any other make. All contributors to this site use Apple products on a daily basis. We have an extensive private collection of Apple hardware, software, and publications going back to the beginning of the company. VAW is a visual site. Our goal is to tell the story of Apple through images of our personal collection and scans of Apple promotional material. We also provide well-researched spec data on all Apple desktops and laptop computers from the Apple II to today. We are constantly experimenting, learning, using and collecting Apple products, so this site will constantly grow along with us.

VAW is a no-advertising zone. We maintain this site at great personal expense in terms of money and time because of our love for Apple products and Apple users. The only thing we sell is the idea that is evidently expressed in every piece of Apple hardware and every iteration of Apple software: Apple products make it possible for average people like us to be extraordinary.

Who is Vectronic?

Vectronic is a conglomeration of a group of Apple collectors and enthusiasts that promulgate this site. Vectronic spends considerable energy thinking about Apple Inc. and is constantly searching to acquire vintage Apple hardware, software, and historic documents in order to demonstrate them here for all to enjoy. Vectonic is the muse that inspires us to live the dream envisioned by the founders of Apple Inc. Apple has shown us that technology should not hinder creativity. Technology should effortlessly allow us to create and at the same time inspire within us the realization that all things are possible. Vectromania